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  • What is color theory and why do the colors you wear matter?
    In simple terms, color theory is the study of how colors work together and color mixing. Color theory has been around since ancient Greece and it has been used as a foundation for art, design, marketing, and fashion. In color analysis, we are using color theory and applying it to the coloring of human beings. We are essentially looking for the colors that harmonize with you based on your skin tone, hair color and eye color. The colors we wear matter! The human eye sees color before it sees the cut and lines of what we are wearing. People are often drawn to colors that they think are beautiful, but with color analysis, we shift that to choosing the colors that make US look beautiful. When we are in harmony with the colors we wear, the focus goes to the face. When we aren't in harmony with the colors we wear, the focus goes to the garment which detracts from our natural beauty.
  • How is this process different than seasonal color analysis?
    Many people are familiar with the seasonal system of color analysis. While I have some knowledge and understanding of the seasonal system through my own reading, research, and originally having my first analysis done in that system, I do not perform this type of color analysis. There are a few key differences. One is the sheer amount of colors that I test on clients. In a customized palette, there is no categorization. Every individual is regarded as unique and therefore, I test 1,000 colors to help people find their very best colors. These best colors could actually span across multiple "seasons," if you will.
  • What should I expect during my color analysis session?
    The color analysis process typically takes between 1.5-2 hours to complete. In order to achieve an accurate analysis, clients must not be wearing makeup or self-tanner and the process must be performed in natural lighting. During the analysis, I will test 1,000 colors on you to figure out which colors harmonize best based on your skin tone, hair color and eye color.
  • What are the benefits of color analysis?
    There are many benefits to having your colors done including: enhancing your natural beauty with or without makeup confidence in how you're showing up giving the skin a natural glow diminishing the appearance of fine lines and blemishes looking more vibrant and healthy having a more cohesive wardrobe saving time and money by knowing exactly what to buy and wear

Color Harmony

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